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Sister Thing aka Jus Godden is a Melbourne Australia artist also known as 'The Thing', renowned for other musical projects such as The Ghostlight Project, Biggles in Space and Necrostic. Perfroming live on for many years both solo and in bands as well as a regular DJ at many night spots. Jus has constantly been a co-organiser for many events and shows for over 20 years. On this site you can listen to some of the music written and composed by Sister Thing and Jus Godden. There is also a selection of live video's to watch.

Though history goes back much, much further. Sister Thing herself has been DJ'ing, co-organizing many regular and one off events as well as performing live around the Melbourne Australia 'Dark Alternative Nightclub' scene since the late nineties. Known to some for sometimes implementing some very rough/crude mixing techniques when DJ'ing. Sister Thing has certainly left a lot of people with their jaw not quite up or down, probably slightly more confused than anything else.

In recent years, Sister Thing has been re-possessed by her alter ego 'The Thing' who has been writing and producing music for far, far longer, and given the experimental nature of The Thing's past projects, you will never really know what may come next. Check out http://www.sizterthing.com/music for more music by The Thing.